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For over 90 years, O.C. Tanner Jewelers has been commemorating moments as singular as your own. As Utah’s original jeweler since Obert Clark Tanner founded the company in 1927, we’ve had the honor of celebrating countless milestones—births, graduations, engagements, promotions—each one distinct. We also continue to play a proud part in honoring the moments in between—those incredibly personal just-because occasions that make up the fabric of a life.

Obert's Vision

Obert ClarkTanner dreamed of having “the most beautiful jewelry store in America” and in 1976 realized his vision with the opening of our fabled store on South Temple in downtown Salt Lake City. Complete with a stunning fountain in the center of the store, it was recognized in the region for exquisite jewelry, fine watches, and distinctive gifts. Each year, thousands would visit downtown during the holidays to experience the stunning windows which rivalled any in New York City. 

Downtown Salt Lake

The current Flagship location in downtown Salt Lake City opened in 2009 in the historic Salt Lake City Library building. Obert Tanner’s daughter, Carolyn Tanner Irish, endorsed an over $20 million dollar renovation of the iconic building and viewed it her lasting gift to the city. The stunning Beaux Arts exterior is complimented with timeless modern interior that beautifully showcases exquisite watches, fine jewelry, as well as full floor dedicated to unique gifts and home décor. 

Main Street Park City

Reflecting the beauty of the surrounding area, our Park City store epitomizes mountain luxury. The iconic Rolex clock outside our doors welcomes guests inside after a day of skiing or hiking, or while shopping local boutiques along the famed street.