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Your love is a thing of rare beauty. Begin your next chapter together with a symbol that they'll say "yes" to over and over again.

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Your love story is a thing of rare beauty. Precious, powerful and lasting. Begin your next chapter together with a symbol that’s equally unforgettable. At O.C. Tanner Jewelers, our master jewelers work with you to craft the just-right ring—a thing of rare beauty that takes your breath away now, just as it will in 40 years.


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Ofttimes, the strongest love doesn’t come at first sight but after years of patient, supportive friendship. That’s how it was for Allyson Nguyen and Adam Lyle, longtime friends living on opposite coasts who reconnected and began dating. Three years later, the two took a vacation to Kauai with their closest friends. While walking the beach at the end of a beautiful day, Ally sensed that something was off. It wasn’t until Adam got down on one knee that she put the pieces together. And once the ring was on her finger and their friends opened a bottle of champagne it was clear that the celebration of their love was just beginning.

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As for the ring? Ever since she was little, Ally had a picture of the perfect ring in her mind. And the custom, handcrafted ring that Adam put on her finger took her breath away. Our expert jewelers created a ring that captured her vision and his love, and perfectly reflected their one-of-a-kind, years-long relationship from “just friends” to “just married.”

The duo married in Holladay, Utah, on a perfect spring day at Adam’s parents’ home. It was the place Adam grew up, a place where, according to Ally, “no other wedding venues could compare.” Surrounded by their closest friends and family, they shared their vows and exchanged the wedding bands they picked out at O.C. Tanner. For Ally, she picked something simple to complement her engagement ring without competing for attention on her finger. As for Adam, he wanted something with a little more heft, “He likes to feel the weight of it.” Both rings were 1/1, selected to honor the unique love and friendship Ally and Adam share.

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