From its beginnings in 1761 as the world’s first brand-name pencil manufacturer, Faber-Castell has grown into a producer of luxury writing instruments whose fascination lies in unusual material and superior craftsmanship. Headquartered in a beautiful castle in Stein, Germany, the family-owned company prides itself on creating pens and pencils that are not only beautiful to look at, but comfortable to hold and a pleasure to write with.

Founder Lother von Faber shaped the company from its inception by not only striving for top quality, but by following a deep sense of commitment to the welfare of his employees and to the communities in which they lived. Today, the company’s focus on social responsibility extends to the entirety of the planet as they continuously search for the best environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions available.

Faber-Castell Fine Writing instruments feature contemporary styles at a price point perfect for everyday use as well as for corporate and special occasion gift-giving. With a wide choice of writing options including ballpoints, rollerballs, fountain pens and mechanical pencils, each item is crafted with meticulous detail and care.

Graf von Faber-Castell luxury writing instruments and accessories embody a harmonious combination of elegant rare materials, beautiful design, and a high degree of functionality. Handcrafted by skilled masters in Germany, each pen, desk accessory and leather item are a practical work of art that executives and collectors alike will treasure for a lifetime.