Andreas Funk and Marco Biegert, Artists and Designers, launched their brand QLOCKTWO in 2009. Being best friends since their early youth, they were constantly creating artworks and new ideas throug-hout the years – and one of them was QLOCKTWO. A new perspective on time. They realized that words are the only way to think about time, but QLOCKTWO is much more. Time is a mystery and QLOCKTWO seems to reveal the secret: it is always now. QLOCKTWO is the intersection of art, design and a unique time display. In the very first year, the artists received the first award of international acclaim.

Today the brand has received more than 30 international awards and is represented in the permanent collection of the State Museum Baden-Württemberg. The product line has been expanded to include table objects, jewellery and wall objects up to the QLOCKTWO 180, which has a side length of almost 6 feet.

All products are manufactured in Southern Germany, including the successful Creator’s Edition Series, with each front panel being made by artisans and being a numbered unique piece. Distribution has now been expanded to more than 30 countries, and the company operates its own stores in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin. In 2019, QLOCKTWO INC. was founded, taking over sales and service for the US market with its own staff and warehouse in California.