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All Tokens & Icons products are handcrafted from or incorporate authentic artifacts. Many of the artifacts, such as MLB Bats and NHL Pucks are manufactured and used in North America. When artifacts are repurposed into cuff links, the back hardware is made in Providence, RI, and the finished jewelry is crafted in North America. All wood, aluminum, plexi, golf clubs, tennis racquets, and hockey sticks are hand-cut and fashioned into bottle openers in Northern California. Over 80% of Tokens & Icons products are crafted in North America.



The first step in the manufacturing process is receiving and confirming the authenticity of each artifact. Sports artifacts are sourced directly from the leagues, teams, schools, or trusted third parties, and are only accepted by Tokens & Icons if received with Letters of Authenticity or with frangible holograms. The historic artifacts such as coins, typewriter keys and watch movements are sourced directly from trusted collectors and aficionados.