Creativity as a genuine and inevitable expression

Luísa Rosas comes from a family from the north of Portugal, with great goldsmithery tradition. Her proximity to the jewellery world and the tools used by master goldsmiths infused her creative spirit. The area of expertise, which gave structure to Luísa Rosas’s vocation, was architecture, an area where she worked before starting the creation of high jewellery pieces. Her inspiration was born from the symbiosis of these two worlds, but also from her natural taste for lighter forms and experimentalism.

The shape of nature. Naturally inspired forms.

For Luísa Rosas, jewellery design is not only a natural inheritance but also an inevitable way to see the world, a consequence of her ability to perceive patterns, movements and textures. This creative aptitude proved to be decisive in her very personal way of observing the shapes inspired by Nature, simplifying, rationalizing, geometrizing and building pieces of sheer creativity and expression. Luisa Rosas’ work presents itself in a pristine fashion and evolves in a harmonious way, as Nature’s elements do. Nature’s modular and organic structures are based on repetition and patterns, an inspiration to her work. Each collection is the ending of a comprehensive toil, a period of tireless experimentation, and an emotional and sensorial engagement in which every detail counts. The result is an array of pieces that ask to be touched, experienced, and are capable of stimulating a combination of senses simultaneously – pieces as unexpected as the changes in the universe.