Early Beginnings

Synonymous with creativity and color, Pomellato was founded in Milan in 1967 by Pino Rabolini–the heir to his family’s goldsmith legacy. Introducing the prêt-à-porter philosophy to the traditionally conservative world of jewelry. Rabolini revolutionized women’s fashion choices while shaping Pomellato with a powerful, fashion-forward identity. Fifty years later, his jubilant,distinctive designs have grown to be revered both in Italy and across the international jewelry landscape.

Pomellato Style

Expressing an avant-garde, original approach, Pomellato’s sophisticated colored stone combinations feature peculiar gem cuts and visionary designs. Impeccably crafted, Pomellato pieces have led the brand to embody a modern yet unconventional beauty, immediately recognizable per the Maison’s signature style.

Women: A Precious Resource

Empowering and supporting the interests of women is a priority for the company, which is strongly committed to improving the social conditions and lives of women. Pomellato will always promote the education, development and growth of women, both professionally and socially, offering them the tools they need to make strides in the labour market and achieve the right work-life balance.